Tuesday, July 13, 2010

summer schedule

The one thing I forgot about, when I went back to school, is SUMMER BREAK. I can't believe I get summer breaks again; it's incredible. The pace is so different than the rhythm of school. I am working four different jobs.

First and foremost, I got an internship with The Post Family! The Post Family is an art and design collective made up of seven guys who share a studio space and a passion for art that walks the line between commercial/functional and Art with a Capital A. All of them have design-related day jobs, so their studio is truly a labor of love. I am there with two other interns (Brittany and Garret) spackling gallery walls, arranging lead type, building shelves, and screen printing. And, you know, arting.

In addition to this neat-o yet (duh) unpaid internship, I'm bringing in the dollar bills by babysitting, working at Fleur, and doing some freelance illustration work. Babysitting has been great. The little girl is three and she named her cats Meatball and Dirt, so obviously she is the coolest three-year-old on the block. Fleur is looking hot, having updated their look since I left in September. Their arrangements are a lot more woodsy now, which I love, and Kelly has started carrying vintage goods. And, bumbadabum! I just finished some freelance medical illustrations for Thompson Surgical Instruments. It had been a long time since I shook hands with that wily character, the Illustrator Pen Tool, but by the final illustration I was flying. Below is the table mounted set up for a mitral valve retractor. It is orange because this is my blog and on my blog medical illustrations can be orange.

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  1. meatball and dirt are pretty much the best names on the planet. steal that kid so i can meet her when i come back, willya?