Friday, September 10, 2010

826CHI & The Boring Store: Scrabble for Cheaters

826CHI's annual fundraiser, Scrabble for Cheaters, is here again! The idea is that you and your Scrabble partner raise money, and then, in the Scrabble tournament, can use that money to buy cheats. So the more money you raise, the more you can cheat, and the better your chances of winning!

$25: THE SWAP: Trade out a letter
$50: THE NON-CON: buy a vowel

$100: THE BLANK: Flip a letter over and make it blank

$150: THE AUGMENT: Add 10 points to any letter to increase its value

$200: THE ALSORANS: Add Q, Z, or X to any word

$250: THE KOSHKA: play a word in any non-English language
$300: THE CONFER: Consult the dictionary for one turn

$400: THE SPURN: Reject an opponent's word for no reason
$500: THE WEBSTER: Invent a word (must have definition)

The tournament is October 23, at noon. If you live in Chicago, you should play! Registration has opened. The even sounds really fun and 826CHI is an incredible non-profit that provides after-school and summer tutoring in all subjects for kids K-12, and hosts an enormous number of creative writing workshops, events, and field trips.

Check out the poster I made for them here, or on their website.

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