Friday, April 22, 2011

Illustrated Type

Last night I went to a lecture by Istvan Banyai.  He was grumpy and hilarious and showed us a ton of his illustrations.  He is very opinionated, which I like and admire, and his colors are beautiful.
A is for Apples
In other news, I'm chugging away in this Type and Image class and really loving it.  I have such respect for graphic designers (like the great Eliana Stein) who really know their type and can say so much with the placement and typeface choices.  It's incredible.  We're focusing on type and how it interacts with an image.  Right now I'm working on a book jacket (will post soon!), but I just finished these funny little illustrated letters.  That's all.  Happy weekend!
Q is for Queen
S is for Ship

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  1. I think you should submit the ship one to threadless... or just make me a shirt. please. it's beyootiful :)