Wednesday, August 17, 2011


A wonderful package arrived in the mail today: the Converse Yearbook from McSweeney's!  It has fold outs and a poster wrapped around the cover and a hilarious musical script about aliens and basketball.  I'm so excited that my work got to be part of such a gorgeous book.

Last September I sent them these four ideas to accompany an article about the NBA from a woman's perspective. (Click images to view larger.) The first is from a line from the article in which the author says her dad always claimed that if he played a pro one-on-one, whoever got the ball first would win.  The second is a woman stealing basketball out of the boy's club--not such a great concept but I loved her sneaky face.  The third was about how the author felt that women were "left out of the conversation" by men, but found other ways to approach basketball.  The fourth was a tongue-in-cheek version of how women see basketball.

The lovely Dave Eggers picked the speech bubble sketch, so I came back with the rough below, and eventually the finished piece at the top of this post.


This is just a terrible quality photo of a really lovely book.  Major congratulations to my friend, Eliana Stein, who designed a huge part of it.

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