Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Moving Illustrations: Richard Borge Exhibition

image owned by Richard Borge

 As a working gal desperately trying to finish her thesis, I haven't done much in the way of illustration lately.  Hell, I haven't even finished unpacking my art supplies.  My portfolios are bound in plastic wrap somewhere under my bed.  Soon that will be remedied.

But not even plastic wrap can stop me from going to Richard Borge's exhibition.  The opening reception is tonight from 6-10 pm at the .NO gallery.  Anyone in New York tonight looking for a great show should come too!

I also read this great interview with R. Gregory Christie (interviewed by the lovely Yuko Shimizu) on the Illustration Friday site.  Here was my favorite bit:

"It’s similar to what I think a character actor would go through. Adjust the emotions and viewpoint of your own art to fit the demeanor of the writing. I’m drawn to projects that will challenge me and give me a little bit of fear because I have no idea how I will approach it. I’m not the type of illustrator to stick to one aesthetic or keep a visual consistency from one project to the next. I want to explain what I feel with a new set of visuals and gain excitement as I use my artistic range."

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