Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Bizz Nass

 I don't often think about the business side of the business of illustration, but...

My first step in the quest for artsy-finance-nirvana has been reading Steven Heller and Marshall Arisman's book Inside the Business of Illustration, which is a good baby step.  It kind of reads like Uncle Steve and Uncle Marsh have put their arms around your shoulders and are asking you what the hell you're doing with your life (but they secretly want you to say "illustrating, goddamit!").

Step number two is joining the Graphic Artists Guild while I still have student status.  When you join they send you a copy of the Pricing and Ethical Guidelines book, which I bought last year and used a bunch of times to help me price freelance work before an unnamed someone borrowed it--permanently (and ironically).  Sigh.  You will be avenged, Pricing and Ethical Guidelines.

Step number three is reading this great post on Design Sponge today, which may or may not convince me to eventually update my receipts-in-an-envelope financial software.

Also: today I drew the picture above of a guy eating boots in the front of a book I'm giving to my dad.  The book is called "The Man Who Ate His Boots."  Looks good!  (Pun?)  Read the NYTimes review here.

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