Wednesday, April 28, 2010

dirty projectors

I love the Dirty Projectors. I love their new album Bitte Orca. I love that they chose the name "Bitte Orca" because they thought those words sounded nice together. In the spirit of their experimental sound, yodelling squeals, and the fact that they noted Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche as an inspiration, I made these thumbnails for my CD cover project.

For the final, I quickly blocked in color with very diluted gouache and watercolor, and then went over it with ink via nib pen. I then used a practice stencil I had made for the Float poster (see the earlier post) and dabbed in some more watercolor. Those are the funny blotchy textures you see in the sepia background. After all this, I cut the words out with a trusty X-acto and scanned the paintingstencil in with a piece of crumpled tissue paper behind it. Those orca sound waves were added digitally. I'm disappointed with the legibility of the word "projector" in the final, but it's easily fixed! My professor Megan Berkheiser made the brilliant suggestion to light the piece from behind and photograph it. She has a lot of experience with photography; check out here AMAZING work here. I'll be sure to post the results.

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