Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Glowing Mountain Goat

I've never submitted to, but I thought today I would give it a whirl.  They are having a Griffin iPhone Design Challenge and I came up with the design above.  I started out with a collage, which I actually made for a different project (more on that later).  But, as the one requirement for the challenge was a black background, I had to make some adjustments...

 I inverted the colors and ended up with this glowing mountain range that was just crying out for a ghostly mountain goat (duh).  This is super different than my other work.  Hurray!  Hurray?  Yeah!

My favorite part, though, was trying my hand at mocking up the image on a phone.  I'll have to try that with the Henry Sugar book cover, too.  But seeing as I have completely abandoned homework in order to make my little glowing mountain goat, maybe I'd better leave it for another day.

Besides, I have to watch Bridesmaids tomorrow.

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