Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Oberon for Summer

March 28th is officially Oberon Day, the day when Bell's Brewery starts serving their famous Oberon Ale.  This delicious beer is only available in the summer, so hey you know it's summer if there is Oberon (though if you're in Michigan it's probably still snowing).
In honor of my Michigander heritage (and with a shout out to my good friend Sam, Lord of the Cellar at Bell's) I picked the Bell's Oberon six pack case to redesign for my Type and Image class.
Not my image
Below are some of the thumbnails I started with.  I decided to go with, roughly, the one on the bottom left (next to my million dollar idea of Edible Googly Eyes).  Then I made a collage made with beeswax and tissue paper for the sun rays, and drew the rest of the image and type with pencil, scanned it in, and colored it digitally. 

And here is the unfolded box with a digital mock-up I made of the folded box.  I'll be printing up and folding a dummy box next week, so I'll post that when, exists.

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  1. i like what you did with that side panel you were telling me about.